8 Proven Keys to a Peaceful Mind

May 01, 2019

A man told his doctor, “I would give anything if I could get my mind to be peaceful and quiet.  It’s what I want more than anything in this world.” Is that you today? Is your mind constantly going and you can’t seem to relax or unwind? Today I’m sharing 8 proven keys to a peaceful mind.

We live in a busy world.  There is always more that needs to be done.  We’re under terrible pressure. Things can really get you down.  It can make you nervous and give you trouble sleeping. If you want to go back to a mind that is at peace where things are new and fresh, hopeful and untroubled, listen to these 8 proven keys to a peaceful mind.

  1. Every night before bed (at a minimum and perhaps a couple of other times of the day), visualize you taking your worries out of your mind and dropping them in the water as you are on a speed boat headed in the opposite direction.  Watch them get smaller as you get further away. They disappear into the water and sink to the bottom. Visualize you letting the anxiety go. Notice how your mind feels lighter and freer.

  2. Then immediately start filling your mind with creative, positive, healthy thoughts.  God thoughts.

  3. During the day practice thinking carefully about mental pictures of scenes that are peaceful to you.  A creek or waterfall, a lake with ducks swimming, the beach, a trail through the woods, your kids playing in a playground and laughing, you in a hammock reading a good book or taking a nap.  These thoughts will work on your mind like medicine and literally heal you over time.

  4. Practice the technique of saying out loud to yourself peaceful words. Words have tremendous suggestive power. Say words like tranquility and serenity.  Say them slowly and purposely. Picture it as you say it. Say a Bible verse about peace.  Like Psalm 29:11, “The LORD gives strength to his people; the LORD blesses his people with peace.” You are dropping the words of the most powerful book on the planet into your mind when you do that and it brings with it a peaceful healing balm.  

  5. Talk peaceful.  Talk slower. Talk quieter.  Eliminate from your conversation all negative ideas.  

  6. Have a daily time of silence.  At a minimum have 15 minutes. No TV, no phone, no yelling kids in the next room, no talking.  During this time picture your mind to be the surface of a body of water such as a lake. You’ll start out your time with your mind or the surface of the water as rippling.  Picture the lake becoming completely quiet and still. This will still your mind. Once you have reached this level of stillness turn inward and see what the Holy Spirit has to say today.  

  7. Plan peaceful experiences.  Not only will you enjoy them at the time and find they bring peace to your mind, but you can relive them in your mind over and over in the future and it has been found that sometimes the memory of a thing is an improvement over the actual because your mind tends to reproduce only the beauty in the remembered scene.

  8. Learn to forgive. God commands us to forgive others because he knows it is good and healthy for us.  And you may need to work on forgiving yourself.

Getting peace of mind isn’t complicated.  You simply feed your mind with thoughts that cause it to be peaceful.  To have a mind full of peace, fill it full of peace.

I read a story of a man who was having trouble sleeping and he observed that maybe he needed to stop watching the news right before bedtime because he was getting an ear full of trouble.  So he started reading Psalm 23 every night before bed instead and he said he went to sleep every night with a mind full of peace.

Changing our thoughts and our routines requires intentional effort.  But it is much easier than continuing to live as you are. Your main struggle to gaining inner peace will be the effort it takes to renew your thinking to the relaxed attitude of accepting God’s gift of peace.

I’m on a mission to help Christians to not live life as usual, to not accept stress, worry, and fear as the status quo, but instead to start reigning in life like God intends for us to and to spread His glory, the fame of His goodness. Being stressed and defeated doesn’t spread His glory, does it?

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