Podcast Episode 011: Put Yourself in a Place of Power & Ditch the Chaos

Apr 05, 2021

God gave us emotions but did He mean for us to be on an emotional rollercoaster ride every day?  One moment we are peaceful, then we get out of bed (lol).  Then the next moment we are stressed to get us and the kids out the door.  The next moment we are settled into routine and everything is calm and manageable and along  comes trouble!  We get hit in the face with regret or embarrassment or anger. 

The days are up and down and some days are down and down.  You might even be screaming, "Get me off this ride!"  Stressors bring along with them chaotic emotions that make us long for the days of calm and control.

Here's a few things we'll cover in today's podcast:
1) Thoughts are liars.
2) Your words can create power or helplessness.
3) What your emotions are trying to tell you.

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Other resources mentioned in this podcast:
1) Last week's podcast on responding versus reacting.
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