Podcast Episode 008: The Secret to Making the Spiritual More Real & Creating an Inner State of Peace

Mar 16, 2021

Your life is created on the framework of imagination.  You visualize something happening and it creates a frame that your life builds upon.    What kind of life are you building?  Are you visualizing more God thoughts or more of your own thoughts?

We picture a lot of fearful things.  We imagine the worst.  We consider all the bad that could happen.

What if you instead pictured the promises of God?  You imagined the blessing operating fully in your life.  You consider all the good things the Father has in store for you and built your life on that framework?

The picture you have of God will bring faith, strength and the ability to change the world.  What are you picturing?

In this episode, I cover the how and why of using visualization as one of your stress busting tools.  This is one of the things that has made the invisible spiritual realm more of a reality in my day to day life.  It has caused me to hear from God better and has allowed my physical body to finally relax when nothing else worked.

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