Podcast Episode 005: Breath of Life: The Beyond Human Way to Reduce Stress

Feb 15, 2021

What if I told you that you aren't human?   This would mean that you don't have the restrictions that a human has.  You have different, higher, better ways to handle stress and life. 

Well, it's true.  Take a walk back in history with me to see where breathing all began and the incredible possibilities that came along with it. 

You know those deep breathing techniques for reducing stress that you can find everywhere? I'll also tell you which ones I use and why/how they work.

You would know if you had stress, wouldn't you?  Maybe not.   In fact, many of the physical symptoms you currently have that are making you stressed because you are concerned about them and how serious they might be, could actually be from stress.  That's good news, because now we know what we can do about them without medicine or surgery! 

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