Podcast Episode 003: How To Really Come Alive

Jan 18, 2021

Have you ever tried to be more positive?  By sheer will power you try to to bring joy to your life by acting as if problems don't exist and that everything is just fine.

My guest today, my good friend Laurie Fratarcangeli, describes the difference between being positive and having a positive mental attitude. 

We all wish that the stressful things we are going through would just hurry up and get done so we could move on to better times, but Laurie says that it is in this life journey, in this process, that we find ultimate joy. 

Laurie shares how when she hit rock bottom... her dad was diagnosed with cancer, she was believing for her miracle pregnancy, and then the life threatening medical issues of her daughter happened...when all she could do was have utter dependence on God and zero control...is when she finally came alive as if for the first time.

You won't want to miss a second of this insightful conversation.

About my guest: Laurie Fratarcangeli
Partner/Business Development ● Fratarcangeli & Associates, LLC

Laurie Fratarcangeli is from Erie, Pennsylvania. She holds an undergrad degree in English writing and a master’s degree in communications. Laurie worked for eight years in the corporate communications industry for numerous companies including one of the top ten largest health insurers in the United States, a major healthcare system and a Fortune 10 company.

Over 20 years ago, while still in the communications field, Laurie and her husband Steve began working on business projects with a network of other professionals. Three years later, their business start-up allowed Laurie to retire from her corporate career at age 30 and Steve from real estate not long after.

Today, they continue growing their business, partnering with and coaching others who want to follow a similar path and guest speaking at industryspecific events and conferences. Their platform has afforded them incredible opportunities to share their personal testimony and faith walk with people all over the country.

TrueNorthCrew.com ● www.linkedin.com/in/LaurieFratarcangeli

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