Podcast Episode 013: Are You Reigning in Life? Take the Quiz to Find Out!

podcast May 08, 2021

"Death once held us in its grip, and by the blunder of one man, death reigned as king over humanity. But now, how much more are we held in the grip of grace and continue reigning as kings in life, enjoying our regal freedom through the gift of perfect righteousness in the one and only Jesus, the Messiah!" Romans 5:17 TPT 

The Bible tells us we are to reign with Christ.  That we are a royal priesthood (1 Peter 2:9).  

In this podcast, I give you some training for reigning:

  • Take the short quiz to see what areas of reigning you might need to learn more about
  • Learn how Stress Busters who reign don't see problems to solve but promises to attain
  • Where and how you get your authority over your stressors 
  • How to bring with you everything you need instead of trying to get Heaven to send it
  • And much, much more!

CLICK HERE to get a downloadable copy of the quiz.

CLICK HERE to book your Stress Buster call with me, and we'll see if I'm the best fit for...

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Podcast Episode 012: When It Rains, It Pours: 5 Powerful Responses to Multiple Stressors

podcast Apr 26, 2021

First the car needs a new engine, then your daughter calls to say she is getting a divorce, then your job says you need to work 12 hour days for the next month, and to top it all off you dad says he's getting his hip replaced and could you help out with his care and watch his dog?

You could probably handle one or two stressful things but when it hits you from every side you start to wonder, "How much more can I take?  What should I do next? Where do I even start to fix this mess?"

My guest today, Barry Spilchuk, knows exactly how you feel.  He was hit with 5, yes 5, major life events that rocked his world all at the same time.  But God...

You'll learn:

  • The 5 Words Given to Him in a Dream That Changed Everything
  • How to Get Unstuck From a Victim Mentality
  • The Powerful S.A.L.A.D. Formula to Use When Life is Hitting You From Every Direction
  • And Much, Much More!

About My Guest: Barry Spilchuk 

  • He’s the 1st Canadian to coauthor a Chicken Soup for...
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Podcast Episode 011: Put Yourself in a Place of Power & Ditch the Chaos

podcast Apr 05, 2021

God gave us emotions but did He mean for us to be on an emotional rollercoaster ride every day?  One moment we are peaceful, then we get out of bed (lol).  Then the next moment we are stressed to get us and the kids out the door.  The next moment we are settled into routine and everything is calm and manageable and along  comes trouble!  We get hit in the face with regret or embarrassment or anger. 

The days are up and down and some days are down and down.  You might even be screaming, "Get me off this ride!"  Stressors bring along with them chaotic emotions that make us long for the days of calm and control.

Here's a few things we'll cover in today's podcast:
1) Thoughts are liars.
2) Your words can create power or helplessness.
3) What your emotions are trying to tell you.

CLICK HERE for the free download of my emotion chart and tracker.

Other resources mentioned in this podcast:
1) Last week's podcast on responding versus...

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Podcast Episode 010: Why You Are Running in Cirlces With Your Stress

podcast Mar 29, 2021
Oh, the insanity of expecting our stress levels to change without us changing anything.  When we don't make those changes we just keep going in circles with our stress.  Round and round we go fighting the same stress battles year after year.

But how many of us are working on the needed changes and what are the needed changes?

Much of our reaction to stressors is learned and then repeated over and over until it becomes automatic. 

In this podcast, we are exploring how the pathways in our mind are created that keep us making the same decisions and reactions that result in us being stressed.  Then I'll show you a new and better way.

The Stress Buster Coach Resources referenced during the podcast:
Amazon Bestselling Book: What Are You Looking At?  Finding Joy In the Chaos & Monotony of Life

This podcast episode is sponsored by my 90-Day Stress Detox Group Coaching Experience.  God wants to fully release your soul into a place of complete...

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Podcast Episode 009: Stuck in a Funk? How to Change Your Mental State in a Heartbeat

podcast Mar 22, 2021

When there is so much difficulty in life going on and so much for your mind to process, you can get stuck in a funk.

Today's podcast guest, Jillian Forte, will help you get unstuck and shift your mental state in a heartbeat!

You've got a supernatural hotline to God and she'll show you how to use it. 

Joy is not a feeling but a state of being that you can access any time.  Listen now to find out how.

This podcast episode is sponsored by my 90-Day Stress Detox Group Coaching Experience.  God wants to fully release your soul into a place of complete freedom, lightness and joy.  You’ll learn how to do that in this 90-day transformation experience.  You’ll discover how to release those weights of stress that you have been carrying, lose the burden and get your life back.

This is for the burned out, overwhelmed Christian woman who wants to get long term stress busting results and not just quick fixes.  If you realize something has to...

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Podcast Episode 008: The Secret to Making the Spiritual More Real & Creating an Inner State of Peace

podcast Mar 16, 2021

Your life is created on the framework of imagination.  You visualize something happening and it creates a frame that your life builds upon.    What kind of life are you building?  Are you visualizing more God thoughts or more of your own thoughts?

We picture a lot of fearful things.  We imagine the worst.  We consider all the bad that could happen.

What if you instead pictured the promises of God?  You imagined the blessing operating fully in your life.  You consider all the good things the Father has in store for you and built your life on that framework?

The picture you have of God will bring faith, strength and the ability to change the world.  What are you picturing?

In this episode, I cover the how and why of using visualization as one of your stress busting tools.  This is one of the things that has made the invisible spiritual realm more of a reality in my day to day life.  It has caused me to hear from God better...

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Podcast Episode 007: Restore Your Soul: A 15-Minute Daily Game Changer

podcast Mar 09, 2021

Relationship is where it is at!

You were designed to be in relationship with God.  Not just a one time salvation experience but an ongoing intimate relationship.  When you get this right your stress, worry and fear levels are all affected for the better.

In relationship is where you can hear His still, small voice.
In relationship is where he restores your soul.
In relationship is where he can heal your heart wounds.
In relationship is where you'll find joy, peace and rest.
In relationship is where you'll live the adventure of life you've been looking for.

I think all Christians want this relationship but many struggle with actually connecting with God.  In this episode, I give you one specific thing to do every single day to build the bonds of intimacy with God.  You can do this in just 15 minutes a day.

Resources Mentioned in the Podcast:
Book: Experiencing God by Henry Blackaby

Book: What Are You Looking At?  Finding Joy In the Chaos & Monotony...

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Podcast Episode 006: Fear Holding You Back? Here's How to Conquer It

podcast Feb 22, 2021

"If I asked you, 'Do you have fear?' your first instinct may be to say 'no.' However, if we look at some of your day to day activities, we may see behaviors that are symptomatic of underlying fears.

In order to achieve God’s plans for our lives, we have to acknowledge we have fear, understand the root cause of those fears, and take actions to overcome them."

My guest today, Christy Demetrakis, shares the A.R.T. of conquering fear. 

About my guest: Christy Demetrakis
President and Founder of The Empowered Speaker

Christy Demetrakis is a seasoned business professional with +25 years of experience in a variety of fields including sales and management across several Fortune 500 companies, including Ralston Purina Pet Food Company, Fort James Corporation, Coors Brewing Company, The Gillette Company, and Procter & Gamble. In her selling career, Christy has called on key channels and retailers, including Walmart and most recently, the Kroger Company, managing over $100MM...

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Podcast Episode 005: Breath of Life: The Beyond Human Way to Reduce Stress

podcast Feb 15, 2021

What if I told you that you aren't human?   This would mean that you don't have the restrictions that a human has.  You have different, higher, better ways to handle stress and life. 

Well, it's true.  Take a walk back in history with me to see where breathing all began and the incredible possibilities that came along with it. 

You know those deep breathing techniques for reducing stress that you can find everywhere? I'll also tell you which ones I use and why/how they work.

You would know if you had stress, wouldn't you?  Maybe not.   In fact, many of the physical symptoms you currently have that are making you stressed because you are concerned about them and how serious they might be, could actually be from stress.  That's good news, because now we know what we can do about them without medicine or surgery! 

Get your free download: 50 Clues You Have Secret Stress

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Podcast Episode 004: Never Fear Again - The Secret Place of Refuge

podcast Jan 25, 2021
"God, you’re such a safe and powerful place to find refuge! You’re a proven help in time of trouble—more than enough and always available whenever I need you. So we will never fear." (Psalm 46: 1-2 TPT)

What if you could really live without stress, worry or fear? 

What would it be like for your mind and body to finally be able to relax?

This is what God offers us in relationship with Him.  He becomes our refuge

How do you get into this place of refuge?  I'll show you today.  I'll walk you through actually doing it today.  It's a place you never have to leave again.  You can live from this secret place and become untouchable.

The Stress Buster Coach resources mentioned in the podcast:
How to make Jesus your Lord and Savior:  Click here to get peace with God
Join the free Psalm 91 Bible study happening inside the Facebook group
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